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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

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  • 11:10:39: Check out on #deviantart
  • 11:10:46: RT @gregpak: Hey, "Chaos War" #2 comes out on Wednesday! Ask your local retailer to hold a copy for ya!
  • 11:10:50: RT @NascarHall: Surprise visit today by @cltmotorspdwy winner @jamiemcmurray. #NASCAR fans watched him tape #Showtime show. http://plix ...
  • 11:10:58: RT @nascarinsider: TNI Vocab Word Of The Day: Jayski, verb. Definition: The act of getting your story on one of the Jayski main news/ru ...
  • 11:11:20: RT @AboutMcDonalds: Did u know McD's has a certified archivist who keeps the Golden Archives? Meet Mike Bullington
  • 11:11:46: RT @WaltDisneyWorld: Disney VoluntEARS, Audubon help rescued birds return to the wild
  • 11:11:54: RT @eleesha: #Achievement ~ sharing #original #inspiration &
    #affirmations to #inspire You → ← #Eleesha
  • 11:12:00: RT @MythBusters: Adam, @PlanetGreen's Dean Kamen & Jamie getting ready for some serious #science at the @WhiteHouse
  • 11:12:15: RT @Foodimentary: #DidYouKnow The name, "cupcake", came from the amount used to make them (a cupful of flour, butter, sugar etc) #CupcakeDay
  • 11:13:12: RT @donttrythis: Omg! It's Bill Nye!!! #peopleyoumeetatthewhitehouse
  • 11:13:29: RT @MythBusters: .@donttrythis & Jamie w/ Science Olympiad champs being honored at today's @WhiteHouse Science Fair ...

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Sunday, October 17, 2010

My creation

My creation
Originally uploaded by RJ Bailey.

1. Dude! Take our picture, 2. PATH, 3. 100_6120, 4. 100_6127, 5. 100_6131, 6. 100_6134, 7. Sidewalk ramp reconstruction, 8. Day 68, 9. Day 69, 10. Day 70, 11. Advanced, 12. Strange, desserted food court, Metcalf South Mall_wm, 13., 14., 15., 16. The Shield in your hands., 17. Become an Avenger!, 18. New Feature: Miyuki Explains It All, 19. Day 60 - With a love so hard and filled with defeat, 20. Wal-Mart 395 N. K-7 Hwy, Olathe, 2_wm, 21. Wal-Mart 395 N. K-7 Hwy, Olathe, 3_wm, 22. Day 51, 23. Day 52, 24. Milwaukee bike lane design, 25. "red white blue" cans from Vietnam,2009

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October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month
Originally uploaded by RJ Bailey.

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Casa Nueva 2

Casa Nueva 2
Originally uploaded by RJ Bailey.

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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

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  • 04:47:39: CN implements new coal supply chain approach
  • 12:27:56: Iconic Sydney Harbour Bridge Transformed Into World's Greatest Picnic Spot
  • 12:28:10: RT @WWE: VIDEO: talks to Nickelback
  • 12:28:18: RT @selenagomez: Tickets go on sale today at 5pm PST to my UNICEF charity concert on October 26th at The Roxy........ Christina... http: ...
  • 12:28:39: RT @AnsellRacingUSA: #nascar #sports #arca #racing Ansell Menards #44 Ford Fusion on the track during qualifications, Rockingham 2010 ht ...
  • 12:29:18: RT @EASPORTSMMA: EA SPORTS MMA and launch unique MMA Fighter Exchange Program
  • 12:30:21: RT @BurnNotice_USA: Today marks our 1 month countdown to all new episodes of #BurnNotice on November 11th at 10/9c on USA! Who else is c ...
  • 12:31:13: RT @SyfyPR: Syfy Digital Press Tour 2010 is underway - check out #syfytour for breaking news and information!
  • 12:31:24: RT @stitchkingdom: It's quite reasonable to believe that had Walt not been fired from Oswald, that The Walt Disney Company may never hav ...
  • 12:31:28: RT @stitchkingdom: A lot of people talking about Walt losing rights to Oswald or Disney re-acquiring Oswald. Disney never owned him to b ...
  • 12:31:52: RT @TORNADOHUNT: 6 confirmed tornadoes form last week's AZ event. Maybe as many as 9. ...
  • 12:32:57: RT @Paula_Deen: I had such a great time at the NYCWFF. Thank you to everyone who came out. Heading back to Savannah tonight.
  • 12:33:22: RT @DonnaNBC4: BUCKEYE NATION: Behind a personal-best passing performance in the 38-10 win over Indiana, Pryor is the co-offensive Play ...
  • 12:33:38: RT @wxchannel: The #Hurricane Hunters are on the way to check out the area of low pressure near Honduras.
  • 12:33:50: RT @Marvel: Good morning, Marvelites! We're still pumped from all the @NY_Comic_Con excitement! Visit for anyth ...
  • 12:34:07: RT @ChrisAstro: NASA: President expected to sign 2010 NASA Authorization Act later today. Media telecon at 11 a.m. EDT. Listen in at htt ...
  • 12:34:30: RT @USOlympic: Amman, Jordan-based Generations of Peace is using sport to promote genuine one-on-one change around the world. http://bit ...
  • 12:34:33: RT @NewsFromSpace: #TISH 11Oct1971: USSR deorbits Salyut 1, world's 1st space station, after 6 mos on-orbit
  • 12:34:47: RT @SpaceFellowship: Picture of the Day - A Cosmic Whirlpool in Tucana at
  • 12:35:09: RT @EAMaddenNFL: BREAST CANCER AWARENESS PACKS IN MADDEN ULTIMATE TEAM: BCA Packs will be available throughout the month of October... h ...
  • 12:35:17: RT @Syfy: Watching @neilgrayston and @allisonscag on the #eureka / #warehouse13 crossover press panel.
  • 12:37:00: RT @pKjd: Saimoe Quarterfinals IV. Winner: Azusa (K-ON) #saimoe
  • 12:37:08: RT @saimoeupdate: Azusa won. #saimoe
  • 12:37:53: You Got Served:
  • 15:36:03: Check out on #deviantart
  • 15:36:09: RT @NASA: RT @AsteroidWatch: Asteroid 2010 TD54 at closest approach will be over SE Asia, vicinity of Singapore. Zero risk. http://bit.l ...
  • 15:42:50: Check out on #deviantart

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Saturday, October 09, 2010

Waiting for the End (Official HD)

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Friday, October 08, 2010

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  • 10:56:48: Nendoroid Puchi Milky Holmes Previews:
  • 10:59:26: RT @clarkekant: I bet if Einstein had hundreds of channels to chose from and internet porn to watch he wouldn't have been all like smart ...
  • 10:59:46: RT @TheEllenShow: You can help end bullying by donating $5 to @TrevorProject. Text "KIND" to 85944. Then respond "yes". Pass it on!
  • 11:00:40: RT @FakeAPStylebook: Correct terms for food chain competitions: "Burger War," "Taco Revolution," "Seafood Slapfight," "Hot Dog Jousting."
  • 11:01:07: RT @FakeAPStylebook: Dungeons & Dragons should not be referred to as "satanic." All the Satanists are playing World of Warcraft now.
  • 11:02:50: RT @UP_Steam: Steam Locomotive Challenger No. 3985 Moving SouthEast near FULTS, IL at 10/07/2010 10:00:13 AM CDT. Track at ...
  • 11:03:22: RT @NascarHall: Kurt "I think the Busch brothers invented 'Have At Em Boys' "
  • 11:03:46: RT @Astro_Ron: NASA TV Coverage of the Expedition25 Soyuz Launch starts at 4:30pm CDT You can watch @ #NASA
  • 11:04:34: RT @TopCow: RT @NateCosboom: #NYCC Tip: When u find a creator u wanna talk to, don't hover TOO close. Don't creep out creators before ta ...
  • 11:04:51: RT @LRO_NASA: Not middle-aged until you reach a few million years old? One of the perks of being a lunar crater.
  • 11:05:00: RT @SpaceFellowship: Picture of the Day - A Galaxy Playing Twister at
  • 11:05:07: RT @Marvel: Good morning, Marvel fans! Our @NY_Comic_Con hub is up! We'll be updating it non-stop over the next ...
  • 11:05:16: RT @NY_Comic_Con: Intel will be showing of the exciting new smart TV technology at #nycc! Visit booth 726 & follow @IntelEdge to learn more!
  • 11:05:56: RT @NascarHall: RT @DNewtonespn: If Ku Bu sweeps Charlotte Blue Deuce coming to us. "It would be good to come here so it doesn't have to ...
  • 11:06:18: RT @NASCAR: Kurt Busch is trying to become first driver to sweep all 3 @cltmotorspeedway races in same year #nascar
  • 11:07:26: RT @AboutMcDonalds: From @USAToday McDonald's puts own farm on FarmVille Learn ab our farm 2 fork
  • 11:07:40: RT @fredrin: i had a brief, passing urge to turn my minivan into a rolling Hoshino Ruri shrine, complete with 'OMOIKANE" license plate...
  • 11:07:49: RT @saimoeupdate: Quarterfinal 1 Preview up at: #saimoe
  • 11:09:18: "Metagame":
  • 11:09:33: RT @abrevi8: Twitter is where I waste my time and creativity trying to prove I'm smart and funny to all you guys who are doing the same ...
  • 11:09:46: RT @fredrin: There's something both horribly tragic yet full of awesome about itasha, the 8th one in particular...
  • 11:10:13: RT @todayshow: Here's the video of @BWilliams's interview with Bruce Springsteen: As Matt put it, "Brian Wil ...
  • 11:10:32: RT @RaceDrive: Here is a link to find out more about the #Chilibowl Look forward to seeing you there - ...
  • 11:10:36: RT @fredvanlente: Thanks all for the great CHAOS WAR #1 reactions, gang. @GregPak, Khoi, Co & I really appreciate it. Expect a cool anno ...
  • 11:11:22: RT @todayshow: Marilyn Monroe like you've never seen her before -- video:
  • 11:11:35: RT @toonzone: John Lasseter Directs New Cars Short:
  • 11:12:37: RT @stitchkingdom: SK: New Disney Arrivals at Toys 'R' Us for October 7, 2010 (32 Items)
  • 11:12:47: RT @todayshow: "I need to get a t-shirt that says, 'I won.'" -- Survivor of brutal bear attack
  • 11:13:35: RT @SpaceFellowship: Enceladus May Keep its Oceans Liquid by Wobbling at
  • 11:14:19: RT @UP_Steam: Steam Locomotive Challenger No. 3985 Moving SouthEast near ELLISGROVE, IL at 10/07/2010 10:10:13 AM CDT. Track at http://b ...
  • 11:14:24: RT @USOlympic: With the Sochi 2014 Olympic Games only four years away, Russia is creating a new generation of volunteers. ...
  • 11:14:30: RT @USOlympic: #newpoll Cast your vote now for the September USOC Male Athlete of the Month! Poll closes Oct. 8!
  • 11:14:45: RT @WorldofCocaCola: The Coke store adds pep to your step! The black rubber section of the floor is made from recycled tires! #green ^BZ
  • 15:49:27: @RJBailey has 383 followers (-1 yesterday, 0 on average) More stats at TwitterCounter:
  • 15:49:31: @RJBailey follows 517 (0 yesterday, 0 on average) More stats at TwitterCounter:
  • 15:49:36: @RJBailey has tweeted 15,004 times (0 yesterday, 5 on average) More stats at TwitterCounter:
  • 15:49:41: In the most followed users list @RJBailey is number 199,386 at TwitterCounter:

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  • 12:33:09: MTV Unleashes an iPhone App to Combat Bullying via @mashable
  • 12:37:51: Short Circuit:
  • 12:38:43: Twist of Fate:
  • 13:01:07: RT @pepsi: Some of you guys have been asking about @pepsi glassware. You can find some here on our @pepsi shop! ^GL
  • 13:02:14: RT @Psych_USA: PSYCH is hitting campuses across the country this fall w/ the PSYCH COLLEGE TOUR! A list of schools coming soon... http:/ ...
  • 13:02:38: RT @Wizards_DnD: R.A. Salvatore’s Gauntlgrym releases today. Drizzt meets the renowned region of Neverwinter. #gauntlgym
  • 13:02:55: RT @Wizards_DnD: Yes they are! RT @gregbilsland: #dnd rules updates are up.
  • 13:03:22: RT @UP_Steam: The display day crowd in Jefferson City is great and the lines are moving fast. If you are in the area, stop on by and se ...
  • 13:03:36: RT @CBR: Asmus Plots an "Escape From the Negative Zone"
  • 13:04:00: RT @Paula_Deen: Y'all we just got a new place for you to stay in Savannah and it's only a block from Lady and Sons ...
  • 13:04:33: RT @WorldofCocaCola: The Coca-Cola Recycling Education Vehicle has stopped by to visit us today. So should you! ...
  • 13:04:58: RT @Marvel: Details on the upcoming X-Men/Super-Soldier crossover from @JamesAsmus, Nick Bradshaw & @ibraimroberson: ...
  • 13:05:16: RT @nbc4i: TRESSEL NEWS CONFERENCE: Watch as he talks about the plan 2 take on the Hoosiers. Is Tyler Moeller out for the season? http: ...
  • 13:05:24: RT @gregbilsland: The compiled #dnd update document will be updated to include both October updates and the Essential material that appe ...
  • 13:05:30: RT @TLC: 10 Technologies that Bring the Family Closer:
  • 13:07:51: RT @criticalhits: October's #dnd Rules Updates are up (direct link to PDF):
  • 13:09:44: RT @calliopes: "Wow you know you could get a PhD."

    " Yeah, that's why I get tested twice a year. Remember kids be safe. "
  • 13:10:13: 15k tweets get! Yay for me! ^_^
  • 14:15:53: Just reached level 6 on FotoVotr: #HotShotMedia
  • 14:16:04: RT @WorldofCocaCola: @RJBailey Thanks for the RT Ron! ^BZ
  • 14:16:10: RT @MidtownComics: Just had a great lunch with @DarkHorseComics. Expect big things from them for @NY_Comic_Con!

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Monday, October 04, 2010




【壁紙なのはMAD】 儚くも永久のなのは



もし平沢唯がデスノートを拾ったら 【けいおん!】.avi


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Sunday, October 03, 2010

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  • 15:39:07: Top 10 Twitter Trends This Week [CHART] via @mashsocialmedia @mashable
  • 15:42:28: Minecraft: How Social Media Spawned a Gaming Sensation via @mashentertain @mashable
  • 15:59:30: RT @dsd: Ohio State avoids upset in Champaign
  • 16:00:14: RT @TopCow: Happy 24 Hour Comics Day, everyone! Pop by a participating shop & cheer on the participants. And buy some comics while you'r ...
  • 16:00:20: RT @PeterGriffinn: If strippers are now called "exotic dancers" then drug dealers should be called "exotic pharmacists".
  • 16:06:47: RT @ThaRealMisfit: TWITTER = (T)his (W)onderful (I)nternet (T)hing (T)hat'll (E)ventually (R)uin your life

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